Good Quality Dancing Shoes To Jazz Up Your Performance

A good dancer always needs good shoes and attire to complement his/her dance form. Specially dance shoes for a dancer are the most important. Your shoes affect most of your dance performance. If it is a good quality shoe it will help you execute all the dance steps in right manner, but if it is a wrong shoe you may land in really embarrassing and uncomfortable situations. You only need to know the best place to buy ballroom dance shoes. Save on dance wear offers you a huge variety of dancing shoes, dance dresses and accessories. May it be any dance form Tango, Latin dance, salsa or foxtrot we have shoes for every dance type. Pair up your dance attire with a good pair of dance shoes and feel the difference. These shoes are durable and comfortable as you can wear them for many hours without any pain in your foot. For ladies, dance shoes are available in all suitable heel heights such as 2.75", 3.5", 3". These are available in all shoe sizes.

Not only for women, Dance shoes are necessary for male dancers too. We have dance shoes available for men as well.

Here are few things to keep in mind while buying ballroom dance shoes

Heel height: Make sure you buy shoes with heel height that you would feel comfortable in. Measure the size of the heel as per your comfort. While buying a platform heel subtract the height of platform sole from the heel height, the remaining length will give you an idea that how comfortable your foot would be in that particular shoe.

Strap support: Before buy ballroom dance shoes check whether the shoe has enough straps to support your foot . always make sure that the shoe straps hold your foot proper enough and helps you finish the dance moves flawlessly. The shoes we offer for sale are specially designed for the purpose of dancing and they provide complete hold and comfort to your foot during your performance.

Closure: Dance shoes come with many types of closures like, buckled up, laced, elasticized straps, buttoned and zipped etc. One needs to choose the type of closure carefully as per his or her choice. Slip on shoes can also be worn in which there is no closure and those are easy to wear.

Cushioning: Make sure you buy a shoe that has proper inner cushioning. A nicely cushioned shoe lets you dance for a longer period of time without hurting your feet. cushioned socks can also be worn along with your dancing shoes to avoid any shoe bites and foot pain.

Glue Gaps: Do check the glue gaps between the shoe's upper part and sole. Avoid buying any shoe that has breathing glue gaps. Such shoes are not rigid and don’t last for long.

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