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Save On Dancewear is proud to make monthly donations to Save the Children, a division of Children's Network International, giving food, medical care and education to individuals and families in need.

Dance Dresses

Dance Dresses

Our selection of dance dresses is very popular with Salsa, Tango and Ballroom dancers, as well as group performance teams looking for reasonably priced dance costumes. Ballroom dancing dresses and latin dance dresses in all sizes and colors are made flowy for your dancing pleasure!  You will love our ballroom dance dresses and latin dance dresses!  Select any dance dress in gorgeous fabrics and stones.  Dance Dresses for less!    Please contact fern@saveondancewear.com for more of a certain size for a dance routine. 

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Royal Blue Lace Ballroom Gown
Red Lace Ballroom Dress
Black Lace Ballroom Gown
Coral or Blue Short Sleeve Ballroom Dress
Coral or Royal Blue Rhinestoned Ballroom Dress
Turqouise & Rhinestone Ballroom Dress
Coral & Rhinestone Ballroom Dress
Green or Pink & Sequin Ballroom Dress
Black & Rhinestone Ballroom Dresss
Light Blue or Jade & Rhinestone Ballroom Costume
Peach, Aqua or Green Sequined Ballroom Dress
Royal Blue Sequined Ballroom Dress
Red & Rhinestone Ballroom Dresses
Mint Slate Ballroom Dress w Sleeves
Royal Blue Dance Dresses WITH STRAPS
Green Ballroom Dance Dress WITH STRAPS
Red Sequined Tango and Ballroom Dress
Purple Ballroom Dance Dresses WITH STRAPS
One Shoulder Red Ballroom Dress
Red Ballroom Costume & Tango Dress WITH STRAPS
Blue Sequin Tango Ballroom Dress
Lavender Ballroom Dress
Coral or Fuschia Latin Dance Dress
Teal & Sequin Ballroom Dresses
Blue Ballroom Dance Costume WITH STRAPS
Mint Green Ballroom Dresses
Olive Tango Ballroom Dresses with Straps
Blue Sequin Ballroom Dance Dresses
Royal Blue Ballroom Dresses with Straps
Rasberry Ballroom Dress
Black Ballroom Dresses
Teal Ballroom Dance Costume
Black & Sequin Ballroom Dresses
A Pink & Sequin Ballroom Dance Dress
A Blue & Sequin Ballroom Dance Dress
Black Ballroom Dance Costume
Black & Plum Costume Dresses
Red Ballroom Dresses
Yellow Ballroom Dresses
Royal Blue Ballroom Dress
Black/Gold Laced Tango Dance Costumes
Black Ballroom Dance Costume WITH STRAPS
Blue Latin Dress
Cranberry Latin Dress /Ballroom Dance Dress
Black Latin Dress
Rose Salsa Dress
Black Sequin & Feathered Dance Dress
Lilac Latin Dance Costume with Straps
Red Latin Dance Dresses
Black Salsa Dresses
Fuchsia & Black Feathered Dance Dress
Fuschia Latin Dance Dresses
Turquoise Ballroom Dresses
Turqouise Ballroom
Red Halter Salsa Dress
Teal Ballroom Dress CLEARANCE
Red Dance Dress Costumes CLEARANCE
Hot Pink Fringe Dance Dress
Black Ballroom Dresses For Less CLEARANCE
Red Ballroom Dance Costume & Tango Dress
Gold Ballroom Dresses
Black One Shoulder Ballroom Dance Costume CLEARANCE
Navy Salsa Dress With Sequins
Lilac & Black Ballroom Dress CLEARANCE
Green Ballroom Dress CLEARANCE
Silver & Cream Salsa Dance Dress
Green Ballroom Dresses CLEARANCE
Red Salsa Dance Dresses
Purple Ballroom Dress CLEARANCE
White w Black Accent Dance Dress CLEARANCE
Pink Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Red Tango Dress
Purple Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Fuchsia Dance Costumes
Silver Metallic Latin Dance Costume
Teal Ballroom Costumes CLEARANCE
Ivory Dance Dress CLEARANCE
Ivory Dance Dresses
Fuscia Ballroom Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Coral Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Coral Dance Dresses
Dusty Pink Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Blue Dance Dress Fringe Hemline CLEARANCE
Coral Salsa Dress
Blue Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Baby Blue Ballroom Dress CLEARANCE
Burgundy Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Lt Lavender Ballroom Dress CLEARANCE
Aqua Dance Dress CLEARANCE
Black Dance Costumes
Black Fringe Dance Dress
Black Sequin and Fringe Latin Dress CLEARANCE
Peach Beaded Ballroom Dresses CLEARANCE
Black Fringed Latin Dress CLEARANCE
Black Dance Costume with Fringe
Turqouise Ballroom Dress with Slits CLEARANCE
Latin Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Flowered Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Purple Ballroom Dresses for Dance CLEARANCE
Pastel Green Ballroom Dresses CLEARANCE
Turqouise Dresses For Less CLEARANCE
Red Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Blue Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Light Coral Printed Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Fuchsia Dance Dresses
Baby Blue Ballroom Dresses CLEARANCE
Ivory Latin Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Peach Dance Dresses For Less CLEARANCE
Turquoise Latin Dress CLEARANCE
Coral Dance Dress Fringe Hemline CLEARANCE
Halter Red Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Turquoise Latin Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Metallic Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Purple Sequin Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Black Flowered Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Black and Pink Sequin Dance Dress Costume CLEARANCE
Black & Silver Latin Dance Wear CLEARANCE
Coral Latin Dress/Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Turquoise Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Black Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Red Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Pink Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Pink Sequin Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Gold Sequin Dance Dress CLEARANCE
Red Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Fuchsia Dance Dress CLEARANCE
Green or Navy Dance Dress w Fringe CLEARANCE
Silicon Bra Cups
Black & Silver Latin Dance Wear CLEARANCE
Black Salsa Dress CLEARANCE
Dusty Rose Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Turquoise Dance Dress CLEARANCE
Black Dance Dresses Clearance
Burgundy Dance Dresses CLEARANCE
Beige Dance Dresses For Less CLEARANCE
Black & Silver Salsa Dresses CLEARANCE
Ballroom Dance Dresses
Are you looking for gorgeous ballroom dance dresses for your next dance night? Do you want great choices amongst styles, designers, and more? Are you under a strict budget? If you’ve answered yes to all these things, then you have certainly come to the right place; Saveondancewear.com is the best discount ballroom dance dresses retailer, and we are sure to have everything you need.

Hundreds of Styles
Even though we offer extremely low prices, that does not mean we don’t also offer a large selection. From Salsa dance dresses to ballroom dance dresses and more, you’ll find a wide range of fantastic dance clothes that are sure to fill your needs. Best of all, almost all of our ballroom dancing dresses are of the highest quality, ensuring that you are getting the best bang for your buck, no matter what you choose. Truly, if you have a small budget, we can help you look beautiful on your next night out. Just look around the site at our numerous ballroom dance dresses, and you’ll see that this is the case.

Ballroom Dresses for Sale
Another aspect that stands us apart from all the other imitators out there is our semi-regular sales. It does not matter when you visit our site, we more than likely will be offering a large swath of price cuts to our most popular options. Ranging from free shipping on shoes, to discounts on all our amazing ballroom dance dresses, you will always find a deal, and you will always find something that appeals to you.

Beautiful Ballroom Dancing Dresses
Best of all, even with these amazing prices, we still are determined to provide you with incredible quality that more than outpaces the prices we provide. Whether you purchase your dress during a sale, or even with one of our heavily discount prices, you’ll still be getting our trademark quality standard that basically guarantees beauty and grace with all of our products. That’s our promise, and we stick by that no matter what.
So, if you are looking for gorgeous ballroom dance dresses, or are simply testing the waters and are in the planning stages, check out saveondancewear.com. We will supply you with the best ballroom dancing dresses around, for the best prices online. Call today for more information, or just look around the site; we can’t wait to hear from you.
Thanks for visiting, and happy shopping!
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